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"We feel very fortunate that you had an opening, to come to do the breaking so quickly! Thank you Jon, for all your hard work and excellent expertise with breaking the bedrock!"
*After Job Completion*
"Thank you for your time, hard work and expertise in rock breaking! We appreciate your communication efficiency and for taking the time to explain things to us! Thank you for emailing your very fair invoice. Tammy, your excellent communication and kind words. Thank you to you ALL for your awesome service! You are an amazing team!"

Fort Irwin Customer / 2020

When asked for stone stairs recommendations
"Larry Everitt did ours in 2004. Haven't budged and is the best $$ I have spent on my property"

 Kennisis Lake Customer / 2020

"...the young men you had here today are such hard workers and appropriately personable.
What wonderful representatives for your company. Just thought I would let you know that, one business owner to another.
I also wanted to add that Jon has been terrific to deal with as well. Very efficient and really good about keeping us in the loop, re timing of work, etc."

Redstone Lake Customer / 2020

"Just want to thank you guys for the fantastic job you did this week clearing the snow. Our road in was so nice and wide and our driveway was amazing. When you said you would be clearing away some of the snow, I was not expecting it to be this great. Thanks so much!"

Kennisis Lake Customer / 2019

"Outside, Everitt's Enterprises Ltd. landscaped the house to look like it's always been there. Everitt's used boulders and river rock to build to build a seawall on the shoreline. The crew used hand-split, 2" granite to build footpaths and patios, including a large gathering spot around a lakeside fire pit. Shore stairs descend into the lake. Landscapers planted trees, sod and, on one side of the front yard, a flower garden. They installed the driveway and dry stack rock work on the patio and driveway entrance."

Our Homes Magazine / Job#2 (see gallery ) / PG.61-70, August 2018

..for the work done on repairing and resurfacing my driveway. I am very pleased with the work as completed and am impressed with the timely responses, initial reply and re-build recommendations, and the entire work crew!

Beech Lake Customer / 2018

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